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Dear Forró friends,

please share the Forró App with organisers and dancers,

  • because that way we can unite all Forró events in one place.
  • because this makes it easier to join other Forró cities while travelling.
  • because it helps our shared mission and that of the to grow Forro together
  • because many helpful features will follow soon

Please share and ask the organisers in your city to add their events! 🙂

We have costs to keep the app running and need money to add new features. Please consider contributing:

current numbers:

(last updated 06.01.2024)

monthly donations: 65

monthly cost: 60€

monthly balance: +5€


yearly donations: 60€

yearly apple store fees: 100€

yearly maintanance & bug fixing cost: 200€


predicted balance for 2024: -180€


rest buffer butget from 2023: 186€


rest buffer butget expected by the end of 2024: 6€

= currently no money for improvements & new features



Who created the Forró App?2023-04-17T12:42:59+02:00
Dear Forró organisers and friends,
Daniel here from weloveforro Munich and a European Forró Federation Board member since 2022.


Background story:

Philipp (a Forró dancer from Munich) and his friends, got inspired by the mission of the federation and generously offered to create the “Forró App” through which we can unite all Forró Events into one community app. They are happy to make our wishes a reality, so if you have one let us know:

They even created an iframe that makes it possible to display your own events and all festivals on your website and it will update automatically, as events are added to the app.
Philip and his friends can give all their effort and time for free, as offering us this community app also help to grow their Filora App Event catalogue, making the app a win-win for us and them.


Still, we have quite some server costs and need your support to keep the App running.
Please consider helping us:

Jonas (Backend Developer)

Paul (Frontend Developer)

Philipp (Project Manager)

Daniel (Forró Advisor)

I have questions/ feedback. Where can i contact you?2022-08-26T09:55:02+02:00

Can i automatically display my events on my website?2022-08-26T09:54:46+02:00

Yes you can!


  1. Log in as an organiser and create some events
  2. Go to the start page of the app (where you see all upcoming events)
  3. Klick on the little (i) icon in the upper left corner
  4. Select the web plugin
    1. Select yourself as the organisor
    2. Choose the styling
    3. Click the „copy“ iframe button
  5. Go to your website (in this example WordPress)
    1. Navigate to the area where you want to have the events list
    2. Select the code block element
    3. Paste the code you copied in there
    4. Save and publish
  6. Done 🙂

(if it did now work, please email us, and we are happy to assist you in a video screen sharing call for free)

I don´t have a website. Can you create one with my events?2022-08-26T09:54:51+02:00

Sure we can! (And it’s completely free!)

The domain of it will be:

Please add your events to the app and let us know that we should create the link for you (email us

What features are comming soon?2022-08-26T09:54:58+02:00

This will be evaluated soon, after the successful launch of the app on the 1st September 2022.

How can you create this amazing app for free?2022-08-26T09:53:05+02:00

Please read „who created this app“ for the background story.

Content Development:

As the App is a big win for the Forró community and helps to unite and grow Forró, Daniel from the Forró Federation and other volunteers help to bring everyone on board.

IT Development:

The app is a win-win for the Forró community and the developers, as the Forró app is connected to the Filora app, another event platform that the developers like to grow. Also, we were lucky that this was their first project to build and test features, so we can grow with them together.

The app will always stay free for everyone.

In the future, there might be some premium features that organisors can use, like highlighting your events or selling event tickets easily.

How to # Hashtags in the App work?2022-08-30T10:30:10+02:00

To get automatically listed as a festival on the festival list of the Forró Federation, simply add the Hashtag #Festival to your event.

What is the image format of the pictures in the app?2022-08-30T10:29:09+02:00

It is 16:9

How to register as an organisor? (EN/ PT)2022-09-10T12:54:57+02:00
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How to create an event as an organiser? (EN/ PT)2022-09-10T12:56:43+02:00
Open explanation
Can dancers add my event to their private calendar?2022-10-22T11:53:08+02:00

This is not autimatically build in yet, but you can create a .ics file (an event that people can add to their calendar) with this generator:, upload it to your google drive (make sure that it´s available to download for everybody) and add this link to the Forró app. That way, when people click on the link, they can download the event.ics file and add the event automatically to their calendar.

API and other usefull features2023-09-15T15:17:51+02:00

API Endpoint:

Here are examples with the following filters:
– All events from the Forró app (filter_domain=forró)
– All events that start after 01.01.2023 (filter_start_date_gt=2023-01-01)
– All events that start before 01.01.2024 (filter_start_date_lt=2024-01-01)

Here a list of all Filters:

And last but not least, here is a link how it is called e.g. from the app to find events by location:

„ 19+00%3A00%3A00.000



open link

There you can see, for example, the coordinates + the distance with which events are searched for around the point.

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