API Endpoint: https://api.filora.eu/events/

Here are examples with the following filters:
– All events from the Forró app (filter_domain=forró)
– All events that start after 01.01.2023 (filter_start_date_gt=2023-01-01)
– All events that start before 01.01.2024 (filter_start_date_lt=2024-01-01)


Here a list of all Filters:

And last but not least, here is a link how it is called e.g. from the app to find events by location:

„https://api.filora.eu/events/?filter_start_date_gt=2023-08 19+00%3A00%3A00.000



open link

There you can see, for example, the coordinates + the distance with which events are searched for around the point.