Dear Forró organisers and friends,
Daniel here from weloveforro Munich and a European Forró Federation Board member since 2022.


Background story:

Philipp (a Forró dancer from Munich) and his friends, got inspired by the mission of the federation and generously offered to create the “Forró App” through which we can unite all Forró Events into one community app. They are happy to make our wishes a reality, so if you have one let us know:

They even created an iframe that makes it possible to display your own events and all festivals on your website and it will update automatically, as events are added to the app.
Philip and his friends can give all their effort and time for free, as offering us this community app also help to grow their Filora App Event catalogue, making the app a win-win for us and them.


Still, we have quite some server costs and need your support to keep the App running.
Please consider helping us:

Jonas (Backend Developer)

Paul (Frontend Developer)

Philipp (Project Manager)

Daniel (Forró Advisor)